Carpet cleaning:

We have the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment in the industry and all of our carpet technicians are certified through the "Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification" program.

Commercial cleaning:

Customer satisfaction is the name of the game for our staff of professional cleaning people. We believe that our janitorial staff gets it's reputation for high customer satisfaction and very few complaints because of our unique method of staffing our jobs. Whenever possible we work within a buddy-system. We feel that two pair of eyes are better than one. It is our way of ensuring that our customers get the best possible service that we can provide

Bare floor maintenance:

Our highly trained and professional staff of floor men and women are the elite in their field. Because of our apprenticeship program, our floor people can deliver top of the line floormanship as well as fast service. The day and age of using slow speed scrubbers and buffers is over. We use powerful, propane buffers and autoscrubbers that enable our floor people to provide our customers with better results in a shorter amount of time.

Window washing:

Our window washers are all about perfection! A window is as perfect as we can get it before we move on to the next. We are trained to see what others can't. Again our unique method of staffing under the buddy system is the key to fabulous customer windows. Two pairs of eyes are better than one.