It has been my honor to work with some of the best people in the world. As I look back over the last 25 plus years, I can't help but smile. Every time I am able to go to the college graduation or wedding of one of our employees I think "what a pleasure it has been to have a small part in their lives". We purchased C & H Janitorial Service from my mother and sister, Maxine Chandler and Linda Hansen (respectively) on July 1st 1983 (hence our name C & H). At the time it was a 2 man operation, boasting 2 vacuum cleaners, 1 van and about 8 customers. I remember the overwhelming feeling of having to work until midnight ( a common occurrence in the janitorial ranks today). This was our only source of income so we worked hard and it managed to feed us and keep a roof over our heads. The harder we worked the more the buisiness grew and within 2 years we had more work than we could handle alone, so we hired our first employee. Over the past 25 years I have watched C & H grow into what it is today.

A corporation employing over 65 people and providing cleaning services to Oregon, Wyoming, Washington and Utah. I believe that our team of professional floormen, headed by my sons Dave and Chong Slippy, is the best in the buisiness. Our people, our customers, and yes our mistakes have all gone into the experiences that have made us the professionals that we are today.

Merri Lee Williams
President, CEO
C & H Janitorial Service Inc.